Glen Rose Meat Company is a family owned and operated full line meat distributor servicing Los Angeles and surrounding communities since 1985.

Grandpa Mooo is a fully integrated processing company offering a wide range of products and services such as sliced, diced and marinated meats.

King Natural* Beef cattle are raised on family owned ranches in the highly desirable Imperial Valley region of California.

Company Overview

Rose Meat Services Inc. (Glen Rose Meat Company, Grandpa Moo, and King Natural Beef) is a family owned and operated meat distribution and processing company located in Los Angeles, California.

Established in 1985, Glen Rose Meat Company began as a one-man distribution company out of the back of a rented refrigerated truck.  Rising early and working late into the night, Glen built his business through hard work and a determination to provide his customers with the best possible service.  This foundation has defined our company over the last 30 years.

In 2010, Glen Rose and family created Grandpa Moo, a full line USDA processing facility offering many value added products and services to our customers.  Grandpa Moo has been forged out of our commitment to excellence and has continued the Glen Rose tradition of quality products and great customer service.

In 2016, Glen Rose acquired King Natural Beef, a superior fed beef program offering locally raised California Natural and Natural Angus Beef.  Rose Meat Services is proud of this new venture, and we are proud to now offer Natural, Natural Angus, Grass Fed, and USDA Organic beef to our customers.

Rose Meat Services Inc.…. A Family of Quality Meat Products…. From our family to yours!

Proud to service Los Angeles and surrounding counties with the finest delivery team in the business.