Natural & Organic Beef

King Natural Beef

King Natural Beef cattle are raised on family owned and operated ranches in the highly desirable Imperial Valley region of California. The Imperial Valley eco-system is renowned for its clean air and water and its consistent year round climate. These conditions are optimal to raise high quality beef.

Our California Natural and Natural Angus cattle are raised without added hormones or steroids…. ever. We insure that our beef is minimally processed with no artificial ingredients. King Natural Beef Cattle are raised on a 350 day 100% vegetarian diet with absolutely no animal by-products. Our process and our commitment to consistency has resulted in a truly exceptionally flavorful and tender beef.

Customers in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego have grown to love our locally produced beef. Our clientele is growing, and King Natural is now a featured menu item in restaurants and markets in Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii.

King Natural Beef…California’s Premium Natural Beef

Panorama Organic Grass Fed Beef is raised organically on family owned and operated ranches in the American Northwest. All cattle are free range and never fed any grain or animal by-products. Panorama goes to great lengths to ensure their herds are raised in a natural environment and living the type of life they were meant to live. Panorama works with a family of Ranchers that are dedicated to maintaining large certified organic grass fields and forages. The Panorama Organic Grass Fed Beef Program is certified by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) and is a certified USDA Organic beef program. All cattle are “Born and Raised in the USA.”

Western Grass Fed Beef is a program of cattle raised naturally by Ranchers on lush, green grassy pastures in the California heartland. Western Grass Fed Cattle are raised on a natural grain free diet with no hormones or antibiotics. Western Grass Fed Beef works with a Family of Ranchers that are dedicated to maintaining large open areas for grazing and the strong belief that the highest quality beef comes from a stress free and natural environment.

OBE Organic is a certified USDA Organic beef program imported fresh from Australia. The OBE Cattle are born and raised on the pristine free range grasslands of Australia. The cattle are raised in a stress free and healthy environment which ensures a juicy, tender, and superior tasting beef.
King Natural Beef, Panorama Organic Grass Fed Beef, Western Grass Fed Beef, and OBE Organic are four superior Natural and Organic brands offered by Rose Meat Services.
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